Déménagements - Transports Van Lierde

Route de Thuin 264 - 6150 Anderlues
Phone : 071/52.35.63
Fax : 071/52.33.29


In order to make your move as pleasant as possible, we can, TO YOUR REQUEST:

  • disassemble and reassemble your furniture,
  • pack your items (dishes, ornaments, frames, etc.).

We also provide you with (at an additional charge):

  • cardboard boxes and tape,
  • bubble wrap,
  • canvas wardrobes.

On request, the owner will meet with you and discuss your needs before providing you with a quote.


We own a warehouse where we can securely keep your furniture during the time you need (for example, during renovation work in your house, in the case of an unfinished new construction, etc.).